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Free Netphone - Instant messenger that features free VOIP calling services for members to anywhere in the world. Place PC-to-phone and receive Phone-to-web calls at lowest rates possible.

Click4 Calling Cards
Calling Card - More than just ordinary prepaid phone cards, our phone cards have pin free access, speedial, and low rates to anywhere.

Click4 Auctions
Auctions - Select through our featured Auction websites. Clicky has scoured the web to help you find the best places to place bids on auction items..
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Click4 Featured Shopping Sites: - The world's largest Online Store Home Shopping Network now comes to you online. - The next biggest auction site - Purchase surplus items at almost wholesale prices - Your Online Thrift Store - Get Target savings from your PC. - Purchase all the special offers you see on tv online.

Wal-Mart - The world's largest store overall.

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